One on One skills sessions

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You will be a better rider after a 1 on 1 session... we guarantee it!

One-on-Ones are a great way to focus on the areas of your riding you wish to improve.
Our experienced and professional instructors, will work with you on a personal and individual level providing feedback and instruction during the session.

  • Consolidate your core skills
  • Iron out bad habits
  • Progress you onto riding with more confidence, flow, and style by using good technique and improved skills.
  • Become a better rider.

Combining their knowledge of the trails with teaching experience, your instructor is able to tailor the riding instruction to suit you, choosing the best tracks and features accordingly.

New tyres, bars, shoes, gear are fantastic, but there is no better way to improve the way you ride than a session with a professional MTBSkills instructor.

“Wanted to say thanks again for the lesson. So much more comfortable now. Even rode down that steep corroded track that I said I was too chicken to do..... Yeah!!!! Nothing can beat me” - Daijana

Cost: $295
Duration: Up to 3 hours

Once you have registered your instructor will contact you in order to confirm precise date, time and location.

Give a short sharp boost to your riding by registering today! 

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